Overcoming Objections: Lessons for the Project Manager


The Alamo
There is a movie starring Tom Hanks in which he leads a group of soldiers to find one missing soldier. In the movie, Tom Hanks’ character defines a particular location in the town they are defending as being “The Alamo.” By this, he means that this is the location he has chosen as their fallback position in the event that all of their other plans go wrong. This is their last stand—and the location they will rely on when all else fails.

At some point in your project management career, given your reputation as someone who can get things done, you will be given a project that deals with a product or technology that you have not experienced in the past. To read the full article, click HERE

Source: https://www.projectmanagement.com/articles/371084/Overcoming-Objections–Lessons-for-the-Project-Manager by Robert Barger, MBA, PMP