Google Webmaster Tools – Strategies for Getting your Website Ranked in the Search Engines


If you are a webmaster, monitoring one or more sites, then Google Webmaster Tools might be very useful to you. It enables you to effectively optimise your website for the search engines, which inturn can result in more traffic to your website(s).

1. First of all, Google Webmaster Tools lets you submit an XML sitemap of your website. A sitemap is a list of webpages on your site. These webpages are shown as a hierarchy, showing the route to each page on the website. The site map is available to search engine spiders and tells them about pages which they might not have otherwise discovered. Google Webmaster Tools reveals what number of the pages on your website have actually been indexed.

2. Google’s robot (Googlebot) crawls websites and indexes those webpages which it considers are likely to be relevant for future search engine results. Googlebot logs whichever webpages it can’t crawl or links that it finds which are broken. This information is accessible through the Webmaster Tools dashboard, enabling you to fix any issues to fulfill your website’s full potential.

3. Another facility which can be useful is the capability to ascertain which searched keywords resulted in your site being listed in Google’s search results and how many users clicked through to your site. From this data you can assess which are the most popular webpages on your site so you can concentrate on those web pages and the products or services which they relate to. By seeing the click through rate from your listing in the search results, you can see how interesting your listing is to potential customers.

4. Increase your sites’ optimisation by deciding which Url you want search engines to point visitors to. For example, either or, this can be specified on Google Webmaster Tools.

5. An important part of website optimization is obtaining both external and in links to your site. Google Webmaster Tools provides details of these links which is downloadable. Details include which websites are directing to yours and which web page they are leading to.In order to generate more visitors to your web site then Google Webmaster Tools provides the information which will make a difference.

Source: By Ayat Ahadi.