Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Activity Lifecycle


The PPM process is a dynamic continuum as new projects stream and feed the process. Based on the categories of pre-portfolio, active portfolio and post-portfolio, the following high-level PPM activity lifecycle was developed. The model consists of the following phases:

  • New potential projects
  • Approved projects pending start
  • Activated projects
  • In-progress monitored project
  • Deployed projects

Below each phase are a set of essential activities that PPM managers normally perform. The ending status of each phase becomes the beginning status of the next phase (next column). This template is a companion piece to the article Project Portfolio Management: A Practical Process, which provides more detail on each activity being performed. The activities are numbered for easy reference when combined with the phase letter (thus A1 = phase A, activity 1).

From more information, please go to the source:–PPM–Activity-Lifecycle- By Michael Wood