As an Interactive Multimedia Professional trained in Information Technology Project Management/Project Coordination, I specialize in creating accessible, visually appealing, engaging and responsive projects with an emphasis on user interfaces (UI) which are based on user-centric principles that satisfy businesses’ goals and objectives.

Providing management support for digital services initiatives and using the latest business trends on project management, I follow the appropriate methodology, tools, and best practices to ensure successful implementations managing the tracking and control of the project plan including issue, decision, risk, and change management.

As innovative, Marketing and Communications Coordinator with expertise in Social Media and strategic planning, I consistently exceed project targets and delivers quality results under budget and on schedule. For me, one of the most important parts is to manage and motivate the teams effectively, mentoring staff through positive reinforcement to be high-quality performers in demanding multi-tasking environments. I am also recognized as a team player with high emotional intelligence and an unwavering commitment to quality, professionalism, and client satisfaction.

The short story

After more than 20 years of experience as Graphic Designer, I went to Westervelt College to study the Internet Graphic Design Program from which I graduated with President Honour Degree on 2007. Then, I started to work as Multimedia Designer, for an amazing London company group called – Bizzmail – In2communications with Rick Lambert, Tim Shield, and one of the best office team ever.

In 2012, I began to work for as Web Producer which is basically a Web Project Manager or Scrum Master in the Agile terminology. Finally, after 2 years I started my entrepreneur venture helping small businesses with their branding, marketing strategies, CRM, and online presence (Websites, Social Media, and Online Advertisement Options and Management), managing and connecting designers, copywriters, and developers to make reality the client’s ideas as well as options to bust their leads and to increase their ROI.

I continue working with a couple of small businesses and just finished studying Web Development at Fanshawe College which helps me to have a better understanding of today’s technology, capabilities, and to keep an improved communication with the development team in our own terminology.

While I was in the Web Development program, I took multiple Project Management courses where we used several tools and techniques to improve the project activities and to meet all the project requirements, which added value to the tools and methodologies I was already using. Now, I looking into starting the online Project Management program at Fanshawe College for the next period which, with the previous project management courses and my previous experience, will assist me to deliver a better on-time and on budget results that any organization/business might need.

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