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May 22, 2018
Five Ways To Ensure Your Marketing Strategy Doesn't Get Hit From Industry Changes

Mike Tyson said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” It can also be a metaphor for the current state of digital marketing. Getting hit is part and parcel of daily life, and yet marketers struggle with what to do when the unexpected happens. Marketers have taken a lot of hits […]

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May 17, 2018
How Artificial Intelligence Is Raising The Bar On The Science Of Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become part of the business landscape. It's now accepted as a technology for many applications and platforms. However, marketing is one of the areas where AI is transforming how the process works. As such, it's also solving some marketing challenges across industries. However, like other technology slowly making its way into all […]

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May 16, 2018
100 of the most powerful marketing words.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever read an advertisement and have then felt compelled to buy what that advertisement was selling? You can put your hand down now. No need to freak out your coworkers.  Marketers and advertisers have been harnessing the power of words to sell you things like car insurance, sugary cereal, lambskin condoms […]

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May 15, 2018
6 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Social Media Presence

Whether you're just getting started with social media or have had a presence for years, use these six methods to improve your reach. Trying to ensure that your social media profiles have a large number of followers and that your content is always enticing and engaging to consumers can feel daunting. Whether you're just getting started […]

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